Chairman Emeriti

Romie Shapiro*
Martin Blumenthal*
Aaron Etra

Chairman of the Board

Ilan Kaufthal

Honorary President

Blanche Shapiro*

Vice Presidents

Raanan Agus
Sivia Loria
Karen Mauskop
Lauren Presser

Executive Director

Udi Urman

Board of Directors

Abby Doft
Jacob Doft
Suzanne Doft
Pam Grodman
Lucy Gitlin
Rena Hoffman
Michael Jesselson
Robin Miller
Jennifer Olshin
Lauren Presser
Jennifer Roth
Janet Shatz Snyder
Toni Young


Young Leadership

Young Friends of Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design is a community of individuals in their 20's and 30's who are passionate about art, design and Israel. Young Friends of Bezalel's mission is to support Bezalel Academy while socializing and networking with their peers. We host events throughout the year, such as design workshops, gallery visits and parlor meetings with Bezalel artists, to raise Bezalel's brand worldwide - strengthening Israel's brand in the process. Young Friends of Bezalel allocates the funds it raises to support various Bezalel scholarships and programs.

In Formation

Danielle Frankel
Gil Garber
Racheli Gross
Caroline Hoffman
David Kaufthal
Sarah Lehat
Ronit Levin Delgado
Julie Mauskop
Eric Moed
Zoe Rosenberg
Elana Rubinfeld
Libby Snyder