Friends of Bezalel

Measure (part of set), 2003, video projection on entrance bridge, Whitney Museum of American Art

Irit Batsry
Irit Batsry’s work has been shown extensively in 35 countries and is currently included in collections at the Whitney and the MoMA. A 1982 Bezalel graduate, Batsry boasts an extensive portfolio of award-winning video, installations, and photography. Many of her videos have been acquired by museums, selected for international film and video festivals, and broadcast in the United States and Europe. A 2004 article in The New York Times summed up this artist’s immense talent: “She displays an unusual ability to draw rich pictorial, symbolic and poetic resonances from the nuts and bolts of filmmaking, and she shows a sure grasp of the inextricable unity of form and content, or structure and meaning, that is scarce in contemporary art.”